Barnaby Martin (Middlesex University London)

We elaborate the complexity of the Quantified Constraint Satisfaction Problem, QCSP( A ), where A is a finite idempotent algebra. Such a problem is either in NP or is co-NP-hard, and the borderline is given precisely according to whether A enjoys the polynomially-generated powers (PGP) property. This reduces the complexity classification problem for QCSPs to that of CSPs, modulo that co-NP-hard cases might have complexity rising up to Pspace- complete. Our result requires infinite languages, but in this realm represents the proof of a slightly weaker form of a conjecture for QCSP complexity made by Hubie Chen in 2012. The result relies heavily on the algebraic dichotomy between PGP and exponentially-generated powers (EGP), proved by Dmitriy Zhuk in 2015, married carefully to previous work of Chen.