Louis Jachiet (Telecom Paris)

This talk will be about the recent paper “Reasoning about Disclosure in Data Integration in the Presence of Source Constraints” presented at IJCAI 19. The talk will mix material from the paper and a general introduction to the tools used in the paper (such as the “Chase”).

Here is the abstract of this paper: Data integration systems allow users to access data sitting in multiple sources by means of queries over a global schema, related to the sources via mappings. Data sources often contain sensitive information, and thus an analysis is needed to verify that a schema satisfies a privacy policy, given as a set of queries whose answers should not be accessible to users. Such an analysis should take into account not only knowledge that an attacker may have about the mappings, but also what they may know about the semantics of the sources.

In this paper, we show that source constraints can have a dramatic impact on disclosure analysis. We study the problem of determining whether a given data integration system discloses a source query to an attacker in the presence of constraints, providing both lower and upper bounds on source-aware disclosure analysis.