I have a full research position at CNRS (in French “chargé de recherche”). I belong to the research team AMACC of GREYC lab (UMR CNRS 6072). I am currently head of the team.

Philippe Flajolet and Analytic Combinatorics

I have participated to the organization of the Conference in the memory of Philippe Flajolet, Paris, 14-15-16 december 2011.

You can have more information at the site of conference


I am also participating to the Philippe Flajolet's Collected Papers to be published by Cambridge.


  • Lattice reduction algorithms
  • Analysis of algorithms based on data structures (tries and binary search trees) with non uniform probabilities with tools like generating functions, Mellin transform and functional analysis.
  • Study of patterns occurences in texts with applications to biology.
  • Optimal prefix codes for infinite alphabets.


My publication list contains some papers that are available in postscript and/or pdf form.


GdR Informatique Mathématique

I am involved in the GdR Im (Groupe de recherche) Informatique Mathématique (a CNRS structure). Currently I manage the website and the mailing list.

I belong to several working groups: ALEA, Comatège, C2 and SDA2.



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