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Séminaire Algorithmique

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Séminaire Algorithmique

Le séminaire a lieu le mardi à 11 h 45 (sauf modification exceptionnelle), au campus Côte de Nacre, bâtiment Sciences 3, salle S3 351, 3ème étage.

Résumé du séminaire du Lundi 17 Mars 2003

La correction de données XML

par Michel de Rougemont ()

We consider the classical Tree-Edit-Distance which gives a measure on trees and a distance between a given tree $T$ and a language $L$ defined by a DTD or a tree-automaton. If a given tree $T$ is not far from $L$, we show how to find a modified $T'$ which isin $L$ and not too far from $T$, applying local corrections. We first consider binary trees and generalize the method to unranked labelled trees, i.e. XML documents.

When XML files do not parse correctly and if there are few errors, we can generate a corrected file after some local modifications. This technique allows to extend HTML's robustness to XML.

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